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War on America Defense X with Don Trumbull

Don Trumbull

Don Trumbull: former air carrier owner, civilian defense specialist and founder of the Safe State Project presents the unknown story that many of our politicians are eager to reveal in 2021. If you think “we the people” are in a trap, it’s worse than we know, and it’ll take a miracle to get us out, this podcast is for you. What if there was a special threat, a special defense and our only salvation hiding under the surface? What if an EMP attack is now the preferred war strategy of our enemies? What if defending our conservative states from the worst-case scenario provides an off-label benefit that we cannot ignore? Does Defense X defend life and liberty against EMP? Biowarfare? Would it stop socialism and Marxism in its tracks? Does it ensure freedom has the appropriate edge, and does it protect liberty from falling to a modern-day/high-tech civil war? 12 terrifying stories reveal the hidden defense that many of our top experts will no longer conceal. Hear them for yourself. Answer the questions. Is Defense X the secret to saving America from the grips of the radical left and the swamp? Would it be embraced by the majority of the conservative states? Will it divide America further? Does our liberty require it? What is the right thing to do? Get ready for 2021.